Welcome to this consortium of grass root initiatives lending a hand voluntarily in transforming vulnerable livelihoods / communities to live a better life. we are a voluntary non profit initiative dedicated to better quality of life of the under served communities/vulnerable livelihoods. Through our contacts we have created a network that supports our cause and allows us generate new ideas on how to continue our mission by providing our services to humanity and those suffering in the World.

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    With your help too we can make a huge differnce in the lives of those suffering in the world

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At Helping Hands 4 Africa in partnership with our implementing partners have chosen to work directly with the rural poor. This gives us an opportunity in learning the causes of their vulnerabilities, involve them in the plannining process before empowering with appropriate skills for sustainability and meeting the other community needs.

Thanks for visiting our website and join us in making a differnce to the lives of those that need help most.